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last update: 24 May 2019
Tanya Valko 26.05 12:00–13:00
Organizer: PRÓSZYŃSKI MEDIA Sp. z o.o.
Place: stand 72/C, 339/G, 8/Z- teren zewn.
Krzysztof Varga 25.05 17:00–18:00
Organizer: Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa
Place: stand 80/D11
Krzysztof Varga 26.05 13:00–14:00
Organizer: Księgarnie Świat Książki
Place: stand 58/D10, 67/D10, 1/Z
Witold Vargas 26.05 14:00
Organizer: BOSZ
Place: stand 14/H
Witold Vargas 26.05 14:00–15:00
Organizer: BOSZ
Place: stand 14/H
Varujan Vosganian 25.05 17:00–18:30 Meeting with the writer Varujan Vosganian

Varujan Vosganian is the author of a world-wide known "Book of whispers", a telling about the traumatic history of Armenians in the twentieth century, but also a personal memoir. The book appeared in Poland in the translation of Joanna Kornaś-Warwas and won the hearts of both literary critics and readers – it was awarded with the Literary Central Europe Award "Angelus" and the Natalia Gorbaniewska Reader's Award.

The conversation with the writer whose candidacy for the Nobel Prize for Literature was submitted by three countries will be conducted by Beata Stasińska.

Organizer: Romania – the Fair’s Guest of Honour
Place: stand 78/D11
Ivo Vuco 25.05 16:00–17:00
Organizer: PUBLICAT S.A.
Place: stand 167/D16
The organizers reserve the right to change the programme




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04-187 Warsaw
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