Warsaw in May marked by books and reading!

Nearly 800 exhibitors from 32 countries, 1000 authors and creators, 1500 events – this is what can be expected of the 9th Warsaw Book Fair, the largest international book event in Poland, starting on 17 May.

This year's 9th edition of the Warsaw Book Fair will be attended by nearly 800 exhibitors from 32 countries: Afghanistan, Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China and Taiwan, Croatia, Czechia, France, Georgia, Hungary, India, Ireland, South Korea, Costa Rica, Lithuania, Germany, Peru, Poland, Russia, Romania, the United States, Switzerland, Ukraine, Hungary, Great Britain and Italy.

list of exhibitors

This will be a unique opportunity for all avid readers to get autographs of their favourite authors, see what global and Polish publishers have on offer, purchase books and participate in memorable events. Those four days in the 3rd week of May will also be a chance to meet around 1000 authors and creators. Visitors can also choose from a broad range of 1500 items on the Fair's agenda: meetings with authors, debates, conferences, workshops, literature and history lessons, a special programme for children, artistic and literary shows, literary and industry awards, as well as contests and exhibitions.

Main theme of the 9th Warsaw Book Fair – 100 years of Polish independence

As 2018 is the year marking the 100th anniversary of Polish independence, topics related to the anniversary and to those historical events will have a special place in the Fair's programme. It is our intention to show how Poland has changed over the last 100 years in terms of culture, language, literature and in other areas. The Fair will also host numerous meetings devoted to premieres of books taking up topics related to the anniversary.




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